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Photo Restoration in Leicester

Louise Kelham Photography offers a digital photo restoration of family pictures.

Through the use of modern digital methods (and skill!!) it is now possible to repair old photographs without damaging the original.

Photographs that are damaged, torn or faded and deteriorated through age, we can repair:

* Repair scratches, creases and tears.

* Get rid of mould, dirt spots and stains.

* Piece together torn photographs.

* Recreating missing sections.

* Revive contrast in faded pictures.

* Turn old black and white pictures into colour!

What a unique gift to give, a restored wedding picture, a treasured memory - history brought back in detail!

Straight Scan to Disc also available, very reasonable rates, enquire for details.

Also offering a professional Negative & Slide Scan Service, why have all those memories hidden away, have them all scanned and create a slideshow for your computer, relive those memories!