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Product Shot / Pack Shot Photography Leicester

Working from a dedicated Photographic studio with professional lights and equipment, not to mention years of training and experience, the tricks of the trade that we photographers have spent years cultivating, using things that we just can't do without, incidental things that you wouldn't think necessary, but which help to make our product photography so much better. Louise is able to create stunning images of your products to showcase them at their finest. It is no surprise that by having professionally shot product images you will see an increase in sales of those products, It is not rocket science that we are doing here, but producing professionally shot and edited images that the client expects to see on HD retina displays.

1 shot - £38

2 - 5 shots - £28

6 - 9 shots - £25

10 - 19 shots - £23

20 - 39 shots - £21

40 plus - please ring for prices


It is possible to hire the Product Photography service for half a day at £250 (up to 3 hours) or £350 (up to 7 hours)  for a full days shooting in the studio, which is required if one of your team is to be present during the shoot.

Discount pricing is based on the quantity of shots in a single session that are required. All images from a single session are taken on a plain white background. The pricing structure is for each different Image taken, so for example one Bottle of Wine taken from 6 different viewpoints falls into the 6 - 9 shot category. Photographs are able to be supplied in a variety of options - as shot (with an off white background)  as clipping paths or cut outs or with reflections or with shadows. The images are supplied as shot and the post production costs required to have the appearance of a pure white background are extra.

Please note we provide a separate pricing structure where there are multiple items appearing in one shot, e.g. A Picture Frame and its Box in one frame, this is due to the extra work in positioning,lighting and any post production work required. Please email your specific requirements for a quotation.

The customer is required to supply a brief as to the angle of view and other important details. Items must be supplied ready to shoot and in excellent condition. It is the customers responsibility to arrange delivery and collection from the studio and products should be fully insured whilst in transit and whilst on the Louise Kelham Photography premises. Louise Kelham Photography accepts no liability for any damages or losses incurred whilst in the studio.

To discuss your individual requirements, please ring Louise on 0116 266 2567 or email your assignment brief to louise@louisekelhamphotography.co.uk for a quotation.

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To discuss your companies Product Shot Photography, please email details of the products, quantities and number of views of each item