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Newborn Baby Photography Shoots - Under 2 Weeks - Photographer in Leicester

If you are pregnant and are considering a newborn photo shoot please get in touch as soon as possible to book in a provisional appointment, as babies birth date is unpredictable we can always change this when baby decides they are ready to enter this world!

These Newborn poses are only achievable with babies between 4 - 14 days old, before their tummies get too full, they are still able to curl up, just like they did in your tummy. After 14 days we find baby becomes too alert and is not easy to settle into a deep sleep and adopt these curled up poses.

Each session takes anywhere between 2 - 4 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding and comforting and changing! Mummy and Daddy (or Granny), sit back and relax in the studio and watch the session unfold, allowing us to pose and relax baby into position.

On the day of the shoot, keep baby awake for as long as possible and feed the baby when you get here, that way (fingers crossed) with a full tummy baby should settle more easily into a deep sleep, enabling these creative poses.

Newborn sessions are well worth the extra effort, you never get that time back, this newborn stage is over before you quite realise you are an actual parent! Let me capture these first special moments for you to cherish forever.

Email me or ring me on 0116 2662567 to discuss the possibility with you.


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Newborn Photoshoot
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Newborn Baby Photographs


Feel free to ring Louise on 0116 266 2567 or email  louise@louisekelhamphotography.co.uk  to discuss a Newborn Photography Shoot,
you may also like to combine this offer with a Bump session.