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Bake, Cake Smash & Bathe Photoshoots

Bake, Cake Smash and Bathe Sessions are a fantastic way to celebrate and commemorate your little ones first milestone birthday. Having this messy session take place here at the studio allows you to enjoy your little ones birthday party shoot without worrying about clearing it up!

How do these sessions work?

Firstly the birthday girl or boy is photographed in their own clothes, it could be the outfit you have got for their family birthday party. This allows for a traditional 'clean' first birthday portrait.  After we are happy we have got 'the one' we change into our little bakers apron and cap and start the baking part of the shoot with flour and mixing bowl.  Your little one is photographed 'baking' their own birthday cake. Once complete we change into their cake smash outfit and we bring out your birthday cake for them to smash, eat and be photographed doing the things with food you have spent the last few months trying to teach them not to do!!  Once suitably messy, we clean up and have a bath with bubbles.

Cake Smash Photoshoot
First Birthday Photoshoot
Childs first birthday Portraits
Cake Smash Birthday Photo Shoot
First Birthday Photo Shoot
1st Birthday Photoshoot
Babies First Birthday Photography
Cake Smash Photoshoots Leicester
Cake Smash Leicester



Guidelines & Outfits

Ideally the cake should be a light coloured sponge, as red velvet and chocolate sponge look pretty unsavoury all smooshed up!  Icing should be a nice soft butter icing so the little one can get their little mitts right into it and spread it all around!  Fondant icing may look pretty but it is too hard and takes away all of babies fun and we just end up with frustrated faces.  Bring a few outfits with you on the day, a nice smart one for a formal portrait and then for the Smash itself, I always find less is always more, a nice pair of pants with braces for boys or a pretty tutu skirt and pearls for the girls!  I have some outfits you can borrow, just get in touch beforehand so we can think colours etc.


We have two styles of Photoshoot, you can opt for either a Simple plain background or one Decorated with props and bunting, to your colour theme. 


Please get in touch for details about pricing and availabilty ring Louise on 0116 266 2567 or email  louise@louisekelhamphotography.co.uk  to discuss a Cake Smash Shoot.